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Sola Panel 720 W
Sola Panel 720 W
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1 solar panel a pair of alligator clips 1 car charger 1x manual 1 solar charge controller option Solar panels Maximum power (Watt): 720W Working voltage (Vmp): 18V ± 0.3V Working current (Imp): 1.6A ± 0.15A Short circuit current (Isc): 1.8A ± 0.15A Open circuit voltage (Voc): 20V ± 0.8V Voltage temperature coefficient: (0.06510±0.15)%/°C Current temperature coefficient: -(160±10) mA / °C Temperature coefficient Power: -(0.5±0.05)%/°C Maximum system voltage: 20V Ambient temperature: -40 ° C ~ 85 ° C Air resistance: 50psi (2400pascals) Snow resistance: 113psi (5400pascals) Item size: about 420 * 280 * 5MM feature High efficiency, conversion rate of 35-37%, Solar panels for flexible surface mounting Easy to install and easy to install Maximum solar input: Balance: 14.2V / 14.4V / 14.6V Floating point: 13.7V (default, adjustable) Discharge stop: 10.7V (default) Discharge reconnect: 12.6V (default, adjustable) Current consumption: <10mA Working temperature: -35-60 °C Colour: Black feature Built-in industrial microcontroller. The large LCD display has all adjustable parameters. Complete 3-level PWM charge management. Built-in short circuit protection, open circuit protection, reverse connection protection, overload protection. Dual USB output, maximum current 2.5A, support mobile phone charging. Dual MOSFET reverse current protection, low heat. feature: Suitable for campers, boats, houses, gardens, shacks or farms Provide appropriate power for 12v TVs, laptops, lights, refrigerators and other operating equipment. Flexible board, lightweight and easy to install. Suitable for RVs, boats, small spaces or crowded areas. System connection 1. Connect the battery to the positive and negative terminals of the charge regulator. 2. Connect the PV module to the positive and negative terminals of the regulator. 3. Connect the user to the charged positive and negative polese regulator.