Vår Vision / Our  Vision


Vår Mision / Our Mission

Our job is to address the problems faced by most poor people in underdeveloped countries related to their livelihoods and health. To develop methods that are suitable to take them out of the difficult crisis with increased production as a result without risking disrupting the balance of nature and the surrounding environment


Unrooted poverty and food security for local and national communities with the best possible methods that promote the environment and the ecosystem


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Goals / Målsättning

  • One of our main goals is therefore to increase the knowledge of the local population.

  • Offer different solutions that are improved methods than the traditional ones used by the locals to ensure a living

  • Last but not least, to help rebuild and restore the damage caused by prolonged malnutrition and incorrect use of resources



 Executive board

  • Executive Director:

  • Chairman

  • Secretary

  • Finincial Director